Fashion is a broad term used to describe many genres of clothing and accessories. IT’S EVERYWHERE. in the SKY,  in the STREET, at WORK, at HOME. Fashion is the total sum of a lot of things like Vogue, happiness and a lot more. In other to follow the trend in fashion of today, you just have to be independent and brave. When you are being independent in the fashion world it means bringing out your style in a different way without being influenced and bravery means being able to step out in any style not considering what people will say regardless of your skin colour, height or size and not having insecurities. Just make sure you are comfortable and happy with any outfit you wear.

Fashion is a funny thing “Ugly” becomes “Conceptual“. “Looks like grandmas nightie” becomes a return to old fashioned feminity. A view on the KNEE-HIGH LACE-UP SANDALS that used to be in Vogue in the 70’S. Now not much has changed four decades later the sandals rocketed the top of every fashion editor’s wish list. You see celebrities and people of different age and size rocking it. That’s fashion for you. 
      Hey fashion lover,  is there any outfit in your closet you’ve been in doubt about. Just be brave and rock it out to the right occasion.